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Wadi Rum Adventure Trekking Short Description
An incredible wadi rum trek adventure if you want to live at your pace an authentic adventure in the desert, by walking for 5 days in the desert, along with the bedouins. 

We will take you on a 5-days trek to visit incredible sites of the Wadi Rum desert and you will have the amazing opportunity to sleep under the stars:

  • Rakhabat canyon
  • Red sand dune
  • Anfishiyyeh inscriptions
  • Little bridge
  • Burdah rock bridge
  • Um Fruth rock bridge
  • Um Mugur
  • Bedouin dam
  • Um Sabatah
  • Khazali canyon

You will have plenty of time to enjoy every spot in Wadi Rum trek during the whole day.

Length: 5 days and 4 nights, finishing at around 3pm,

Capacity: 6 persons.


  • An English speaking experimented guide
  • A cook
  • A Jeep
  • Food and water to prepare all the meals
  • Transfer from the village to the desert
  • Sleeping equipment

What to bring: 

  • A headlamp or flashlight if you spend the night with us
  • A warm jacket, desert nights can be cold
  • A sleeping bag (optional)
  • Good shoes for walking
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Your camera and an extra battery (trust us, you don’t want to forget that)!
  • Cash for payment. There is no ATM in the desert. The closest are in Petra or Aqaba

Difficulty: advanced

Caution: this tour is not for people who cannot stand the heat or are not used to walk a lot.

Children cannot be part of this tour.


High Season (Oct-May): 350 JOD or 490 USD per person

Low Season (June-Sept): 340 JOD or 476 USD per person

Discount per extra person : 30 JOD or 42 USD


  • Camel Ride 1 hour: 20 JOD or 28 USD per person
  • Camel Ride 2 hours: 30 JOD or 42 USD per person
  • Taxi from or to your hotel in Petra: 45 JOD or 63 USD per trip
  • Taxi from or to your hotel in Aqaba: 35 JOD or 49 USD per trip
  • Sleeping under the stars: included

All our prices are in JOD and USD.

When you book a tour, we ask for a 20% deposit online in USD.
You can change or cancel your reservation 1 week in advance for free. In case of cancellation at least 1 week prior to the booking date, your deposit will be refunded entirely.

The difference will be paid in JOD (in cash) at the end of your tour. Our currency rate is 1.4 (1 JOD = 1.4 USD).

Wadi Rum Adventure Trekking Tour Details

5 days + 4 nights

Day 1- Trek to Little Bridge

Our tours start at 10am in Summer and at 9am in Winter.

We welcome you at our office in Rum village with a Bedouin tea. After arranging the tour details and finishing the tea, we leave for the desert.

We start the Wadi Rum trek by walking in Rakhabat canyon.  It’s a great way to discover the flora and fauna of the desert

We will then head towards the red sand dune. It’s a great place to climb, run, roll down, or even slide with a board if you want!

We prepare traditional Bedouin food for you. You will have around 2 or 3 hours to enjoy the place, have a rest or walk around.

Then, we walk to Anfishiyyeh where you will find authentic ancient inscriptions.

Finally, we walk to Little bridge. You can scramble up the bridge and enjoy the wonderful desert view before we find a spot for the night to spend under the stars.

The bedouins will prepare and serve you a traditional bedouin meal. You can enjoy the evening around the fire, listening and dancing to bedouin music, or discover bedouin stories. You can also enjoy the most incredible starlight sky!


Day 2 –  Wadi Rum Trek to Jabal Burdah

After breakfast, the next day we go directly to Burdah rock bridge where we will have lunch before climbing.

We then go climbing the highest rock bridge in Wadi Rum. You can do it even if you have never climbed before. You will be rewarded by one of the most amazing views of the desert. It’s a great moment for unforgettable pictures. We do not recommend it for people who are afraid of heights.

We will set up camp under the stars near the Burdah Rock Bridge, in the Jabal Burdah area,


Day 3 – Trek to Um Mugur

After breakfast, we continue the Wadi Rum trek to Um Fruth. You can scramble it if you want to, and enjoy a challenging but rewarding view and great pictures to be taken.

We stop for lunch there, and then head towards Um Mugur, where you will discover amazing colors and landscapes.

We will then set up camp to stay for the night under the stars 


Day 4 – Trek to Um Sabatah

After breakfast, we keep on walking around Um Sabatah until sunset,

We will stop by a bedouin dam and have lunch.

In the afternoon, we continue walking until we find a nice shady place where we will set up camp to stay for the night under the stars.


Day 5 – Trek back to Rum Village

After breakfast, our final stop is Khazali canyon. You will discover ancient inscriptions and a waterhole.

We will have lunch there.

After lunch, we walk back to Rum village where the  wadi rum trek tour ends at around 3pm.

If you need help with going to your next destination, we can arrange taxis for you.


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